You’ve got the rock on your finger, now to rock your big day!

A survey last year (  reported 38% of brides worry about the stress they experience whilst organising their wedding.  The most common worry for brides to be is how you will look in your wedding photos – both professional and those posted on social media, closely followed by how much you weigh.  Brides also commonly worry about their guests having fun. 

You might be surprised to hear that Pilates can help to combat these issues. 


In my Pilates classes your focus is on how your body responds to gentle, effective movements and your breathing.   The effect is a toned, flexible body, relief from stress and a sense of calm and relaxation. Instead of worrying about your wedding plans, you become mindful of the present moment, distracting your mind from your worries.  When we are stressed, we tend to hold our body tight and stiff with a lot of tension in our muscles.  This reduces the flow of oxygenated blood.  In Pilates, your in and out breath oxygenates the blood, creating a physiological response in your body which improves blood circulation and relaxation. It also decreases production of the hormones associated with stress, e.g. cortisol and increases the release of endorphins – your body’s feel good hormones. 

Look good in photos

The number one worry for brides! Two key components of looking amazing in your wedding photos are posture and pain. 

Each muscle in your body has an optimal length- tension relationship, allowing it to work effectively in terms of flexibility, endurance, strength and movement patterns.  In a kyphotic posture (see picture below) the length-tension relationship of the muscles are not optimised so there is additional tension on the neck, shoulders and back.   Not only does this affect your posture and how you will look in your wedding photos, but gives rise to aches, pains and headaches.  Pilates optimises this length- tension relationship, thereby minimising pain, improving posture and giving an overall slimmer silhouette.  

Does altering posture really make a difference?

Research shows that 10 weeks of Pilates noticeably improves thoracic kyphosis, enhances resting postural alignment and increases abdominal strength.

Altering your posture can initially  feel strange, like you are holding yourself wrongly.  Regular Pilates retrains your body into its own neutral alignment and gives your muscles the strength and flexibility to hold this posture on your big day.

On your wedding day, you are going to be spending a lot of time on your feet.  When painful, this is challenging.  Research has shown us that Pilates allows participants to reduce pain relief medication. 

What about the guests?

Brides worry that their guests have a good time, so it is reasonable to assume that you want to be mingling with all your guests.  Your guests will enjoy the day a lot more if they see you enjoying yourself, and have a chance to speak/dance with you.  If you’re self conscious about how you look, your weight, or are in pain, then you’re not as likely to get round all your guests to ensure they are enjoying themselves. 

Pilates is also good for guests to do, so they too can manage to stand around for long periods on the day and feel good in their special outfit.

You can do Pilates here, by clicking this link

Pilates helps you to control your pain and increase your endurance so you can be ‘on the go’ for longer, pain under control, looking amazing in your photos all day and night.   Click below to read about the research I reviewed on the effects of Pilates in improving pain and reducing medication.


Pilates works on activation of your deep core muscles.  The deepest core muscle around your midsection is your Transversus Abdominus  –known as your body’s internal corset because it holds you like a corset, only better.  This muscle is important in lumbar spinal alignment and control, supporting your spine in its optimal position thereby reducing /eliminating lower back pain.

The corset effect means you will absolutely be more toned and look slimmer naturally.  This is preferable to wearing control underwear, which is uncomfortable when you have a full meal, buffet, cake, canapes and celebratory alcohol to consume.  The last thing you want is to be ‘rolling over’ your control pants!  Work your own natural corset with Pilates – no rolling over and no feeling of being held in a vice after you have eaten your dinner.

Does this make me lose weight?

While this  might not reduce the number you see on the scales, you will look slimmer and more toned.  This is because muscle has less volume than fat, meaning it takes up less space in your body.  That is why you can lose inches but stay the same weight, it’s not because muscle is heavier.  You can see this in the picture below.  Muscle is also more metabolically active than fat, so it will burn more calories for longer, even when you are at rest.  The more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn.  Pilates is a low impact way to build muscle and burn fat – Let’s do it

If seeing weight loss is your goal, then a balanced and healthy diet is key both to keep you healthy for the big day and to maintain your overall wellness.  Quite often, patients and clients I see tell me they find great benefit and support from attending a supportive class.  WW promotes overall health and wellness alongside weight loss.  Click to read more about their ethos and plan

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