Puts a spring in your step

I feel very toned with it, especially around my midriff and my clothes fit better.  It certainly helps my wellbeing, puts a spring in my step and makes me feel younger

Jillian 54

Definitely more flexible

I have definitely benefitted from regular pilates classes.  I feel more toned and am definitely more flexible.  Jacquelyn is an experienced physiotherapist and you can be confident that the exercises are safe to do.  Watching her demonstrate exactly how the movements should be done is reassuring.   I have osteoporosis and pilates is recommended by the national osteoporosis society

Susan 58

Prevents injuries getting worse

I do a lot of heavy lifting at work and have a recurring hip injury so started pilates to help improve my core strength and stability.  I really enjoy seeing the development in my overall physical strength and flexibility and can definitely say it has helped with preventing further injuries at work

Caz, 36

Relaxed and chilled out

Really enjoyed my first Pilates class.  Felt like I was worked hard without actually doing very much and afterwards felt surprisingly relaxed and chilled out.  I then went on to have a fantastic nights sleep.  A very different type of fitness class.

Jason, 33

Good Nights Sleep

For the first time in ages I had the best sleep and wasn’t woken up with hip pain.  Thank you


Amazing Instructor

This is perfect to help manage my sciatica.  Jacquelyn is excellent at explaining all the exercises, and I’m now able to manage my back pain and sciatica

Naomi, 34

Improved Posture

My posture has really improved and I have really reduced my pain

Karen, 49

Healthier Body

I feel flexible and healthy

Nicola, 47


I am more flexible and stronger

Jennifer, 46

My neck and shoulders are looser


Eases the pain in my back

I joined to ease the pain in my back.  Pilates has done this, and also helped my shoulder pain at the same time

Lorna, 42

Overcome back pain

I have overcome my back pain and improved my flexibility and core strength

Ian, 21

More relaxed

Pilates has helped with overall relaxation.  I am much less tense after class.  I have strengthened different muscle groups

Jen, 33

Focussed on my posture

Pilates has made me much more aware of core muscles that help to keep me focussed on my posture

Kirsty, 60

Improved my own understanding

I began Pilates to improve my flexibility, as I have rheumatoid arthritis.  I am now more supple and understand how to resolve any stiffness or pain

Audrey, 63

Its Addictive

I had a sore back on and off for a while and after just one class with Jacquelyn my back felt much better.  I also find I’m sleeping better.  It’s addictive

Win, 60

Really Enjoy It

I really enjoy the classes and feel it benefits my core and gets me working all my muscles


Strengthened my core

The difference pilates has made to my pelvic girdle pain is enormous.  It has strengthened my core and gives me normal mobility.  I can really tell the difference if I miss a class

Lisa, 38

I started pilates to help my back and shoulders and have seen a vast improvement

Lynne, 70

Improved Balance

I have health issues with my spine and balance.  Pilates has helped with improving my balance, strengthening my core and increasing my fitness.  It’s amazing how small movements in Pilates can improve your fitness and tone your body.  I would highly recommend Jacquelyn’s class, I thoroughly enjoy it

Linda, 48

More core strength

I joined to stretch and tone my body and for general wellbeing.  I have more core strength and am more supple

Ruth, 61

I signed up to alleviate aches and pains.  I feel much better after each class.  My muscles feel stretched and aren’t so tight

Carol, 48

I always feel better after pilates

I do pilates to help stop injuies.  It has become an essential part of my week.  It’s challenging but worthwhile.  I always feel better after pilates

Claire, 37

Pilates has eased my back pain and sciatica and feel like it stretches my whole body out

Lynn, 41

Resolved Pain

I had meniscal surgery on my knee, and it was still painful a few months after surgery.  Since doing pilates, the pain has resolved and my knee feels so much stronger

Clive, 48

Improve core

My stiff shoulder is easing off, and I am working to improve my core and back pain

Leeanne, 37