Welcome to Pilates Physio Planet and thank you for visiting. Here, you can take Physio Pilates classes online, or locally if you are near me in the Falkirk area.

My name is Jacquelyn, and I’m happy to see you here. I have over 10 years clinical experience, and work at the highest clinical grade possible for physitherapists in my NHS board, as well as owning my own pilates business. To find out a little more about me, as your instructor, please click here.

My extensive knowledge of pathologies and clinical experience in successfully rehabilitating patients, allows me to create physio pilates classes that will give you an effective workout and make a positive impact on your everyday life. Whether your goals include reduce pain, increase strength, flexibility and balance, begin exercise, recover from injury or improve your posture, my pilates classes are effective.  Research has shown several positive outcomes from physio pilates, which you can read more about here.  This mirrors testimonials from some of the clients I have helped over the years, which you can read here.

Sign up now to feel the benefits of Physio Led Pilates for yourself.  Other services I provide are physiotherapy assessment and management plan, acupuncture and one to one pilates sessions. 

Contact me if you would like to discuss any of the services I provide. I’d be happy to hear from you – pilatesphysioplanet@gmail.com.