Welcome to Pilates Physio Planet

I will give you an amazing Physio Pilates class every single time you visit.   Come and feel your body increase in flexibility, heal, strengthen and tone.

Goodbye to the stress of fitting into class timetables, the hassle of finding a space in busy classes, those apprehensive feelings of joining a class, the risk of injury trying to keep up with others, frantic childcare arrangements. 

Simply click a button to exercise whenever suits YOU, wherever you are on the Planet. 

Exercise safely – these exercises are developed for any level of fitness by me – a health professional, and I will give you the option to regress or progress the exercises as you are able.

You will receive a brand new 30 minute class each week – no monotony of repeating the same class over and over.  Each time you log in you can access 4 weeks of classes.   No trawling through libraries of classes to find one you want to do – and spending so long looking for a class that you don’t then have the time to do the class!!  No muss, no fuss!

Each class is 30 minutes long – so pop your dinner in the oven, do your Physio Pilates class, then your dinner will be ready to eat – how convenient is that?  Even better, there are no restrictions on how many times you can log in.

Sign up now to feel the life changing benefits of Physio Pilates for yourself.

Physio Pilates – come and see what you can do in your Physio Pilates Class