A question I am often asked is what is Physio Pilates? Physio Pilates is a low impact mind-body exercise focusing on your core stability, strength, flexibility, breathing and posture.  You do not need to have exercised recently or regularly to take part.

Based on research, my experience and training, I modify Classical Pilates exercises to teach you to find your neutral spine and posture. You will train your deep core muscles to naturally activate in their supportive role of your spine.
I will:

  • Instruct you how to activate your layers of core muscles, from deep to superficial, so that you can safely increase loading of the spine.
  • Show you how relax your muscles and mobilise your body to allow you to move safely and freely.
  • Prompt you how to breathe during exercises.

Come and join me, so I can give you the confidence that you need to let your body to move as freely and easily as it was designed to.

Physio Pilates is also beneficial to you if you do train regularly (many athletes practice Pilates as part of their regular training), but are perhaps over recruiting superficial muscles, and not properly activating the deep core – resulting in diminished training performance.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today  to move freely, feel stronger and reduce your pain levels.