Classical Pilates was developed in 1883 by Joseph Pilates. Firstly, like me, he believed that balance between body, mind and spirit is the key to good health.

Secondly, Joe initially taught his method to fit and healthy dancers. The exercises were taught in a strict order and amount of repetitions, with a focus on pushing their bodies harder.

This resulted in a great workout, but one which is not always suitable for the clinical population. The methods employed in Classical Pilates can irritate injuries, pains and conditions experienced by the clinical population. For example, those in pain often have muscle inhibition. Therefore pushing your body harder will recruit compensatory muscles. As a result, this encourages maladaptive movement patterns.

This is where Physio Pilates takes over. I break down and modify these original exercises to encourage your body to move as it should, and at the same time, allow an amazing workout to be safe and accessible to anyone. Come and join me now.